Eva is a mother of three girls and one boy. Her first baby arrived when she was 16 and her fourth baby at the age of 33. After experiencing a hospital birth with her first baby her other babies were all born at home. Eva has breastfed all of her babies long term so she understands the stresses, strains and loveliness that breast feeding brings.

Eva is passionate about positive conscious birthing and creating a positive nurturing experience postnatally. After the birth of her first baby Eva knew she wanted to help other mothers have the best birth they could. Eva knew that she definitely wanted to be a doula after attending her sisters home birth, *"it was the most amazing experience to be part of ". It helped when the midwife suggested she become a Doula without knowing Eva's thoughts on walking the Doula path.

*"I have often felt that I wanted the be a midwife but obstacles often got in the way. By being a Doula I can really support and nurture the mother with passion" ........ Eva Bay

Eva trained as a Conscious Birthing Doula and is registered with Doula Uk.

Eva trained as a breast feeding / Feeding Peer Supporter in 2008 and worked actively for two years in a parenting and baby play group supporting families with breastfeeding. Eva did the training a second time in 2014 and now works on the postnatal wards at her local hospital supporting new parents.
A passionate Doula
Eva Bay Greenslade ~ Birthing and Postnatal Doula
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